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About FM Transmitters

You jumped into the rental car and looked forward to a nice road trip until you realized the car had no auxiliary input. If you would rather not be condemned to hours of commercial-laden radio, you better have an FM transmitter handy. If you drive a car without an auxiliary input, you can still enjoy listening to the songs on your phone through the car's speakers, but you need a wireless FM radio transmitter to do it. A Bluetooth FM transmitter solves this problem by pairing with a phone and streaming songs to the car's speakers through the radio. Basically, it hijacks an FM frequency and assigns it to the wireless audio stream sent from the phone. If you have an iPhone, you need an iPhone FM transmitter to listen to your tunes. With the large inventory of car audio devices available on eBay, you can easily find a reliable FM transmitter for your car and never have to listen to another radio commercial.

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