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About FM Amplifiers

Ever since your friends introduced you to the world of amateur radio, you have been spending a way too much of your free time improving your standing as your own FM radio station. Now you want to take the next step and buy an FM amplifier on eBay to improve your station’s reception. While searching through the vast selection of ham amateur radio parts available online, you come across a fully assembled FM transmitter amplifier. It is made to continue working even in less than ideal conditions. After installing the transmitter, you are pleased with the results, because your station can now transmit clearly even during a torrential rain storm. Your friends are impressed with your system, and keep offering you advice on how to improve it further. Thanks to your friends advice, you’re now planning on purchasing an FM broadcast amplifier like the one he purchased from eBay and once installed, the system should provide a coverage radius of up to 10 miles.