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About Flywheels

While the word "flywheel" might sound like some sort of fun and creative kids' toy, in reality, it's an important part of a car’s engine. It attaches to an engine to help to engage the clutch by causing friction between the flywheel and another important clutch component, called the clutch plate. These parts work in conjunction to release the clutch when you need it to release and create the power that makes your car go. When is it time to check eBay for a replacement flywheel? You'll know that yours has flown when your clutch starts to show signs of wear, though when you're replacing the clutch, it’s often a good idea to go ahead and put in a new flywheel, too. If it isn't allowing the traction you need, problems can occur that could affect your transmission. You can check the little pinwheel for breaks or worn pieces, and if it looks damaged, it is best to replace the part. Among the available options, you can use a cast iron or antique flywheel if you're rebuilding a vintage vehicle, but otherwise, it is best to purchase the piece new. While it may look like and sound like something to play with, this piece is anything but child's play, because without a flywheel, you'd be stranded.

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