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About Fluorescents

Fluorescence happens when something re-emits light that it has absorbed, and fluorescent minerals are rocks that glow under certain conditions, such as under ultraviolet light or, in some cases, in the dark. A surprising number of minerals and stones that you wouldn't think of as being fluorescent are under the right conditions. Rubies and emeralds glow red under UV light, as does the famous Hope diamond, and ordinary diamonds glow when subjected to X-rays. Many forms of calcite and amber fluoresce under UV light as well, and some less familiar minerals do the same. In many cases, the fluorescence is due to certain metal impurities in small amounts being present in the mineral. Different metals cause different color fluorescence. Fluorescent minerals lots are bought, as well as individual minerals and fluorescent minerals lights for activating the effect, as decorations or collections or as a hobby, and all of these are easy to find on eBay in many different varieties.

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