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About Flowerhorns

As you sit in the chair in the dentist's waiting room, you spot them out of the corner of your eye, a pair of bright orange-red fish with bulbous protrusions on their foreheads that makes them stand out from the swarms of other colorful tropical fish in the aquarium. You do not know it at the time, but you have just met a pair of flowerhorns, the ornamental, man-made fish hybrids that are prized by hobbyists and criticized by geneticists. Flowerhorn cichlids are the result of breeding various types of cichlids in controlled breeding programs. The resulting flowerhorns are just as aggressive and full of personality as the rest of the cichlid fish, devouring fish foods and providing ample entertainment, making them popular additions to aquariums. Caring for flowerhorns requires much the same treatment as with other live fish, including regular cleanings, pH testings, and constant temperature and water quality monitoring. Find a vast selection of flowerhorns, including popular varieties like the Kamfa, Golden Base, King Kamfa, and Kamfamalau, and everything an aspiring aquarium hobbyist need to sustain their new fish on eBay.