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About Flower Sunglasses

You spend hours and days digging, planting, and watering as an avid gardener, but leave the house with nothing to show: after all, you cannot take your beautiful plants with you wherever you go. With a pair of flower sunglasses, however, you can show the world your passion for flowers and style. These snazzy accessories are fun, flirty, and functional. They prefer full sun, but do well in shade too. They feature lenses in many designs including aviators, round, and square. These glasses have different levels of sun protection too. Some offer full UV ray protection; you can wear them for gardening and your other outdoor activities too. Like the women who wear them, flower sunglasses have different looks and personalities. You can find a pair to match your personal style, whether it is hip and contemporary or bohemian chic. On eBay, you can search through many shades, new and used, to find your match. If old-school is your style, consider a pair from a vintage collection, which features glasses with broad round lenses and bold flowers covering the lenses, reminiscent of the 1970s. For a contemporary and refined look, Chanel is a good bet. These glasses have smaller oval lenses and a subtle design; floral patterns line the earpieces, adding subtle but effective detail.