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About Flour Sacks

Did you know that you can make clothing out of a flour sack? Not the paper sack you get in the grocery store, but vintage flour sacks produced from the mid-19th Century on. During that time, flour sacks were made of a tightly woven cotton fabric and replaced the tins and barrels that were typically used for storage before that. The wives took advantage of the free material and began making clothing out of the sacks. Don’t worry, not everyone was running around in a white bag, many of the antique sack fabrics had patterns on them, like flowers, angels, or geometric designs. Of course, some farmers had their names printed on the sacks. For instance, you can find French flour sack towels on eBay. The durable fabric made excellent tablecloths, towels, and rags—as well as clothing. It’s incredible how thrifty you can be when you must. Just the idea of being creative and working with a new material should get your juices flowing and figuring out how you can turn something as drab as a flour sack into a beautiful garment.