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About Floating Dock

Whenever you hear your kids dragging the family ski boat up the rocky shore, you die inside knowing that the hull is going to be toast in no time. When you are only on the lake a few months a year, a floating dock is a quick and affordable answer to the problem. Made of foam-filled plastic, floating dock drums and blocks are sturdy and flexible; boat owners can add units to increase the size of their dock whenever they need. Unlike a fixed dock, there is no complicated installation, and a floating boat dock is usable in a variety of depths, while adjusting easily to changing tides or water levels. If you prefer a more naturalistic look, there are floating dock kits that allow owners to use planking braced to the pontoons. Although these are less flexible, they do provide that conventional pier look that some owners prefer. Getting a Jet Ski in and out of the water can be a nightmare, resulting in exterior damage and even injury. A floating Jet Ski dock allows you to secure your ski in the water for easy mounting and dismounting. Choose from specially molded docks that allow you to ride into place, or choose modular kits with adjustable configurations. For boat owners that do not have the need or budget for a fixed dock or lift, shopping on eBay for a floating dock offers a convenient solution.

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