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About Floating Candles

In a pool, bathtub, vase, or wine glass, you can say "bon voyage" while placing floating candles, knowing their long, romantic journey through history continues. Candle making dates back to the 1800s originating in medieval Europe and colonial America. Candles, once the primary source of light for millions around the world, serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Floating candles historically share close ties with religious ceremonies. Leaders in religious services of various faiths use these candles during monumental events, such as celebrating baptisms, christenings, weddings, and holidays. Today, religions continue using candles for traditional purposes, but they see use as home interior decorations and celebrate public holidays too. Some candles indicate use according to color. Gold floating candles, for instance, traditionally appear in wedding ceremonies. Gold represents wealth and prosperity; honoring newlyweds with gold candles represents good wishes and luck. For a beautiful, intimate ceremony, floating flower candles, in shapes resembling the complex and divine rose, add a beautiful touch. You can search by color or shape to browse through the vast inventory of reliable sellers on eBay.

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