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About Flintstones

In the town of Bedrock, cavemen and women (the Flintstones) and nearby neighbors (the Rubbles) live collectively with dinosaurs and wooly mammoths, supposedly extinct yet still roaming, in a world of stones, animal skins, and a primitive car powered by Fred's two feet. Such is the fairytale story that drives buyers to purchase collector items, keeping the show as successful and popular as ever among viewers. When shopping from reliable sellers on eBay, you may purchase one or all six seasons produced from 1960 to 1966 on DVD as well as Blu-ray formats, and enjoy hundreds of episodes. To serve up tasty Stone Age beverages, choose from among Welches, Pizza Hut, and Hardee's glasses for an extra helping of Flintstone mania. Continue your love craze and indulge in Dino toys, figurines, and ceramic cookie jars that amuse young and old. The beloved family of Flintstones keeps showing up in households as an all-time favorite animation series to which Fred Flintstone would reply, "Yabba Dabba Doo!"