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About Flight Joystick

Maybe you're an aspiring pilot, or a pilot in training—or maybe you just really like flight simulator games. Either way, if you want to get off the ground, so to speak, you need a flight joystick. Some games require a specific joystick, while others only need a universal flight simulator joystick. PC-based simulators often accept a universal USB flight joystick, while console games require a specific compatible piece. The right part will also depend on the game you play, so do your research ahead of time and verify that the joystick you want will actually allow you to play the game. You'll find multiple configurations for joysticks: Some consist of a single joystick, while others have dual joystick, one for each hand. If you hate clutter in your gaming space, look for a wireless option. eBay sellers have a great selection of new and used gaming components, so you can find a flight joystick and all the other pieces you need to enjoy your favorite game.

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