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About Flight Helmets

Whether you hold a pilot's license and feel more comfortable flying a plane than driving a car, or just have a rampant fascination for all things aviation, flight helmets are a practical way to feed your passion. Sort through the vast inventory on eBay and find an appealing assortment of historical and contemporary models to consider. Some are models from the Vietnam War era, and make great gift ideas if someone you know served in that war as a pilot and you want to make an especially thoughtful gesture to celebrate a birthday or other milestone. Look for helmet parts, such as chin straps and nap straps, if you like to restore old flight helmets but are missing some crucial parts to finish a project at hand. For even more options, look for other styles, like helicopter headgear, that come with goggles and headphones so you have a complete set of accessories that looks great when displayed proudly in your home. Regardless of whether you want a helmet from a certain era, or just one that has authentic extras, it is easy to find interesting flight gear to fit your preferences.