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About Flexible Solar Panels

The sun-soaked awning in front of your business is rounded on top, but flexible solar panels let you go green without mucking up your architectural facade. Super-thin, lightweight, bendable solar panels are a progressive solution not only for the cost-effective powering of outside lights and illuminated signs, but also for transporting power to remote locations in general. One or two 12-volt, 100-watt flexible solar panels are enough to boost a vehicle battery, charge device batteries, or provide power to appliances in a camper or trailer. They are ideal for boats, cabins, gazebos, and other spots where hardwiring an electrical supply is impractical. The flexibility of solar cells makes it easy to mold them into place for a seamless appearance, as well as for catching sunlight at the strongest angles as it moves across the sky. Shop the large inventory on eBay for flexible solar panels of various sizes and efficiencies to suit your needs, no matter how curvy your space or slim your budget may be.