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About Flexi

How can you make taking a walk enjoyable for both you and your dog? Flexi dog leashes allow you to keep your pet completely controlled while still giving him room to roam. Retractable dog leads by Flexi feature durable construction and a tough braking system that can handle even the worst pullers. The Flexi Giant, in its large size, is ideal for dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. Its extra-large version has no weight limit, perfect for even the largest breeds such as Great Danes or Rottweilers. Experience Flexi Comfort with their ergonomically designed leashes, especially the Durabelt Soft Grip. This particular leash features an attractive design and a soft grip handle, well suited for long walks. Now man and man's best friend can agree at walk time: Flexi leashes allow you to give your dog plenty of freedom when no one is around and have an easy to use braking system for when they need to stay close by. Look for quality new and previously owned Flexi leashes from reliable sellers on eBay. A Flexi dog leash means peace of mind for you and freedom for Fido. What could be better than that?