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About Flathead 6

You spend your weekends on your modern tractor, with its shiny finish and advanced technology, but you harbor a secret desire to own one of the older machines, so you hunt down a Model 101 and start the long process of restoring it. To ensure operation, you need a Flathead 6 to replace its defunct engine. Built between the 1930s and the 1970s, the Flathead 6 is one of the most coveted engines, used in everything from farm equipment to the earliest years of the Chrysler Imperial. A vast inventory of Ford Flathead 6 engines is available from sellers on eBay, as well as Flatheads for other automotive manufacturers. If you are restoring an old Coronet, for example, you might need a Dodge Flathead 6 to complete the work. Also available are numerous parts and accessories that are compatible with the inline Flathead, from sending units and fuel pumps to carburetors and engine blocks. When considering a purchase, inspect pictures for signs of corrosion, pitting, and other wear, though these blemishes do not necessarily impede the engine's operation. Once you install your Flathead in your tractor or car, you will be cranking up the engine before you know it.

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