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About Flatfish

When you failed to catch anything on the first day of your fishing trip out of town, your host joked that those were not city fish you were trying to lure. To snag the biggest fish in the briskly flowing river, you need FlatFish lures. The first of these lures was designed over 50 years ago by Charlie Helin. Since they were introduced, Helin FlatFish lures have been widely imitated because of their high success rate and popularity among anglers. However, you can still find original Helin lures made by Yakima Bait Company among the wide selection of fishing gear on eBay. FlatFish lures are available in various sizes and the one you need is determined by the type of the fish you want to catch and the size of the body of water where you fish. While the F-sized lures are meant for small game fish in lakes and gentle streams, you need an M2 FlatFish lure for those big river trout and salmon that refuse to bite your puny, soft bait.