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About Flat Top Sunglasses

Your eyewear says a lot about you, which is the reason your sunglasses should be bold and exciting just like you. Flat top sunglasses provide the distinctive look you want along with the UV protection that you need. With a flat top rim and square aviator frames, this vintage style always looks amazing and never goes out of fashion. There is a vast inventory of flat top sunglasses on eBay, making it easy for you to find the pair that accommodates your tastes. Large flat top sunglasses give your face a unique look with frames boasting heights of around 60 mm. The larger area of coverage significantly reduces UV exposure, as well. One of the most popular styles is the black and gold flat top sunglasses that feature a gold tint or gold color accents on the black frames. Most sunglasses also come with a soft pouch for safe and convenient storage. Providing high optical quality and 100 percent UV protection, flat top sunglasses give you all the benefits of a regular pair of sunglasses in a more memorable design.