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About Flare Jeans

Do not let the runway dictate your fashion choices. Whether flare jeans are in fashion or out, wear them if you love the way you look in them. Also called bell-bottoms, these jeans are a classic from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Search eBay for vintage flare jeans, if you want the authentic hippie look. If vintage is not your style, you can find modern versions of flare leg jeans. Generally, modern flare jeans are less tight around the knee, and are less wide at the bottom than the original flare jeans. Get creative with rhinestone or embroidered decorations on your jeans: butterflies, flowers, stars. Or go for a grunge look with artfully ripped flare jeans. Flare jeans are not just for women, though. In fact, men originally introduced the world to flare leg pants. Navy sailors were the first to wear bell-bottoms, so men who wear flare leg jeans these days are in good company. Sellers found on eBay have a variety of both vintage and new flare leg jeans, so feel free to channel your inner hippie.