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About Flapper Dresses

If you love the enigmatic style of Daisy Buchanan, then flapper dresses inject a little Great Gatsby glamour into your wardrobe. From feathered and fringed party dresses to extravagant sequin flapper dresses, you can look like you have traveled in time straight from the Roaring Twenties. The flapper of the 1920s was the most modern, fashionable girl, with sleek, short hair and a shift dress with a simple cut that contrasted with the conservative, laced dresses of the time. A world away from previous styles, flapper dresses were often short enough to reveal the knees, which was a daring look for the era. The embellishments on flapper dresses provide them with movement and sparkle that makes them stunning for spirited, reckless dances, such as the Charleston, or even for showing off some more contemporary moves. With a pair of Mary Jane button shoes featuring diamante trim, your twenties-inspired outfit is complete. Browse the listings on eBay to find quirky vintage flapper dresses from the Jazz Age or delectable modern versions.