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About Flap Pocket Jeans

You love putting your wallet in your back pocket, but hate the hassle of replacing all your cards and ID when it falls out. A simple solution is buying a pair of flap pocket jeans. These jeans have a button that keeps the pocket shut, making it hard for all of your money and cards to fall out. Flap pockets are quite stylish too. Women's flap pocket jeans commonly have designs stitched onto the pockets and some have rhinestones. Women's styles commonly come in capris and shorts, as well as leggings and skirts, all with the signature flap pockets. It is possible to find men's flap pocket jeans too. However, flap pockets are not as popular in men's styles, but some designer brands do carry this style. Both men and women's flap pocket jeans are measured the same way, with a measurement of the waist and inseam. When considering a pair of these jeans from the reliable sellers on eBay, you find many different colors and washes to choose from in designer and every day brands.