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About Flame Maples

Flame maple and musical instruments are a match made in heaven. Whether used for bodies or necks, this beautifully figured wood is a luthier's dream. Flame maple bookmatched wood sets are ideal for guitar tops and available from reliable sellers on eBay. Irregular growth patterns in maple trees produce stripes perpendicular to the grain. These stripes, also called flames for their wavy appearance, create rippling patterns that come alive when stained and finished just right for guitar tops. Like the Gibson Les Pauls well-known for their beautiful flame maple tops, flame maple bookmatched sets give you a consistent pattern of flame across the entire top surface. A wide variety of sizes and grades of flame maple bookmatched tops and sets are available on eBay. However, wait, why let the guitar tops have all the fun? A flame maple neck can add beauty and style to your guitar. Maple necks are the bread and butter of Fender guitars. A flame maple neck with a maple or rosewood fingerboard adds a deeper dimension to your Tele or Strat. Coalton Roasted Cooked flame maple necks add another dimension to this popular option. Kiln dried at over 300 degrees, these chocolate-colored necks are resistant to the shrink, swell, and warp that can affect the wood on many guitar necks. Flame maple can add beauty and style to your instrument. Look to the wide inventory on eBay for flame maple that matches your needs.