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About Fixed Gear Bike

Instead of spending your morning stuck in traffic, switch to cycling, and fly by crawling cars on your way to work. Fixed gear bikes are great for urban cycling because they are simple and speedy. These bicycles sport a single speed, so you do not have to work on your shifting technique when all you want to do is get to the office. The lack of gears also makes them very lightweight, resulting in a faster and easier ride on flat city streets. On top of that, they are fairly reliable because they involve fewer parts, which translates to fewer repairs and less maintenance. Although a fixed gear bike makes a good environmental ride for your morning commute, you can also enjoy your bicycle in your spare time. Many cities have clubs and communities dedicated to this kind of bike, so you can connect with like-minded riders. You can also use your "fixie" for racing and leisure riding. Whether you are a bicycle commuter or you race for sport, you can find a vast inventory of fixed gear bikes on eBay.

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