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About Fitz and Floyds

There is just something special about a hand-crafted piece. Fitz and Floyd understand this concept and have been designing and creating charming items for over half a century. From seasonal items such as the Fitz and Floyd Christmas plate and Halloween ceramics to pieces to be displayed year-round, there is something for everyone. The company creates close to 500 new pieces each year, which means that avid collectors have plenty to choose from to add to their growing Fitz and Floyd collection. Many are elegant and stylish while others are whimsical and fun, like the Fitz and Floyd bunny or pig. Find the perfect piece to give as a gift or keep for yourself from reliable sellers on eBay. Choose from new or used items or even vintage pieces from the early years. These artistic items are seen everywhere from The White House to Buckingham Palace. Why shouldn't they grace your humble abode, too? Pick out one that showcases your design style and personality, and begin or add to your collection with a modern classic.