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About FitFlop Walkstar

You wake up in the morning for your daily walk and you realize that although you love walking, you are not a big fan of wearing tennis shoes, and you wonder how great it would be to wear flip flops while you walk instead. The designers of FitFlop Walkstar flip flops know exactly how you feel, and that is why they biomechanically engineered these shoes to tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk. Now, these are not intended to replace tennis shoes in the athletic arena, but for casual walks these shoes are a good substitute. In fact, studies conducted at the Center for Human Performance at LSBU found that walking with FitFlop Walkstars can help increase leg and bottom muscle activity up to 30 percent, absorb up to 20 percent more shock than a normal shoe, reduce the aches you feel in your joints after long walks, and reduce foot pressure. The thong is soft and comfortable, and it was designed with an active lifestyle in mind. This prevents the material from rubbing during your walk so you can avoid rashes or blisters. The sole is thicker, which helps absorb more shock as you walk, particularly if you are heavy footed. Browse the large inventory on eBay for the pair that is just right for you.