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About FitFlop

That FitFlop feeling used to come only with flip-flops, but now you can get it from all kinds of footwear. FitFlop is a brand that uses biomechanics to create ergonomic shoes that your entire body loves. The original shoe is a sporty-looking sandal with an innovative multi-density Microwobbleboard midsole. This midsole helps to tone and trim your legs while you walk, as well as tighten your core. Microwobbleboard technology works by challenging your balance, so you need to engage more muscles than you would in a pair of regular footwear. This means that you almost have a built-in gym in your shoes. Additionally, the tech savvy designers at FitFlop make sure the shoes also absorb shock in your back, feet, and knees, making even long distance walking comfortable and fun. As well as the original flip-flops, there are cozy FitFlop boots, classy sneakers, comfy clogs, and classic ballerina flats. Men and women's FitFlops are movement-motivating shoes for all seasons, and you can find a huge range of new and used shoes on eBay.