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About Fishtail Parkas

Many people do not know that fishtail parkas date back to the Korean War when the U.S. Army designed them to keep soldiers warm without weighing down their rucksacks. Getting their name from the fact the back is longer than the front, fishtail parkas offer warmth and protection from wind, snow, and rain, making them true multitaskers. Military parkas can be identified by their model number, which begins with M to indicate they were originally for military use. For example, the M65 fishtail parka is a military-issue parka that was standardized in 1965. This version features a detachable hood and removable quilted lining, so wearers can customize it for a variety of weather conditions. Although the fishtail parka was originally a military-issue parka, it is now a popular style offered by many clothing brands and worn by civilians from all walks of life. You can find a large inventory of fishtail parkas on eBay, so browse the selection and find the parka that best fits your style.

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