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About Fishnet Shirts

You might even be a rock star, and they may even carry you off the stage when you wear your new fishnet shirt. Be instantly transformed and do more than perform by stealing the show. A fishnet long sleeve shirt can be worn with leather, jean, and many other fabrics for an array of looks. A fishnet t-shirt is perfect for Halloween, nights out, and parties. A fishnet shirt hugs the body similar to a body stocking and comes in an array of colors that include red, pink, and white. The primary color of fishnet is typically a matte black. The styles of shirts include short sleeves, v-necklines, and tank tops. Other attributes of fishnet apparel include patches of solid fabrics, creative necklines, and unfinished trim that achieves a punk or goth fashion appeal. Wearing fishnet can make you feel fresh and rebellious. You can even wear your fishnet shirt over other tank tops or shirts to give your everyday clothes some extra edge. These shirts can be hand washed or machined washed and hung to dry. Browse the vast inventory of shirts on eBay to find fishnet apparel that makes you want to rock like a rock star.