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About Fishing Spoons

The air is slightly damp in the early morning as you sit in the boat and watch the sun slowly coming up over the horizon. You quietly take your favorite fishing pole and attach a fishing spoon to the line, then cast it out into the lake. As you slowly reel it in you feel a nibble on the line. The first bite of the morning is always the most exciting. The Daredevil fishing spoons you found on eBay seem to be doing the trick as you reel in a good sized Pike. You like these lures, shaped like the bowl of a spoon, for their ability to attract fish by reflecting light as they move randomly in the water. You drop the fish into the barrel on the bottom of the boat and quickly change lures. It is time to try one of the used fishing spoons you bought when you were looking on eBay for the Daredevil. The variety of new and used lures was irresistible so you have a few you want to try out. Another fish grabs onto the fishing spoon on the end of the line, making this early morning fishing excursion definitely worth the trip.