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Reeling in the big fish takes skill, practice and the right fishing rod and reel from eBay. Not all reels are equal, and saltwater and freshwater fishing reels have distinct designs. Check out this video for tips on choosing the right one.

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About Fishing Reels

You cast out over the lake, the morning mist still low upon the water. You hear the plop of the lure as it hits the water, and you start to slowly pull it in using one of the new fishing reels you recently bought. With the wide selection of fishing reel types, it is sometimes difficult to determine the best choice. For the most part, finding a good reel requires years of experience, and anglers must take into account the type of fishing they perform and their casting style. You should also look for reels that do not make too much noise when you cast, as loud noises scare away fish. Some popular brands include Penn, Daiwa, and Shimano fishing reels. For collectors, a variety of vintage fishing reels are available, including those made by Mitchell, Shakespeare, and other manufacturers. eBay offers an immense selection of new and vintage fishing reels.