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About Fisheye

Some shoot 35mm, and others opt for 20mm. But for those who still cannot satisfy their penchant for wide-angle shots, there's a way to push the limits: fisheye photography. Originally designed to photograph and study the skies, fisheye camera lenses provide a super wide-angle shot that amplifies the center of the field and provides artistic curvature around the edges. The distortion is spherical, so it’s like you’re looking at your subject through a tunnel. This is a fun way to capture a number of photographic subjects, including people, landscapes, and architecture. You can purchase a lens for just about any camera brand, such as a Nikon fisheye or a Canon fisheye lens, or even add an external lens for newer iPhone models to capture the perfect, curved photo right from your smartphone. To find the right lens for your camera or phone, check the listings of reliable eBay sellers. Once your lens arrives, attach it to your camera and start capturing the wide-angle shots you’ve been craving.