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About Fisherman's Sweaters

Sailing the seven seas can be downright frigid work, which is why fisherman's sweaters are knitted to be extra warm and keep excess moisture out. When you need that added bit of warmth, insulation, and protection, you too can stay toasty no matter how cold it is outside. Although the first fisherman's sweaters were knit from wool, you can now choose to wear a cotton fisherman's sweater if you like. The thick cotton yarn is tightly woven like it is with the wool style to provide that added warmth, but the cotton breathes so you do not get too hot. Irish fisherman's sweaters, also known as Aran sweaters or Irish-knit sweaters, are the most well known style. Back in the old days, fishermen's wives would knit in often complex, individual patterns to identify the wearer should he be shipwrecked. Irish-knit sweaters, still handmade or loom woven by specialists such as Blarney Woolen Mills, have continued the tradition of intricate patterning, which provides added insulation and thick, top quality woolen yarns. Outfit yourself and your family for winter with fisherman's sweaters in the vast inventory on eBay. That way, you can go catch some fish without worrying about your wardrobe.