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About Fisher Price Trains

The brightly colored train rolls into town loaded with animals and goodies that kids line up to see. With a Fisher Price train, your child can go to the circus everyday. Clap and cheer as the Fisher Price circus train rolls through your living room with monkeys and lions in their cages and the ringmaster in his big top hat riding in the engine compartment. Watch as your toddler loads and unloads the animals time after time, smiling and giggling with delight. If your child likes sounds and music, opt for a Fisher Price musical train, which plays a merry tune as it rolls along on its imaginary track. Some trains include animal sounds that make the action even more realistic. Surprise your little one for Christmas with a musical train featuring Santa, his elf, and a reindeer. Find a huge selection of new and used Fisher Price trains on eBay and watch the circus, zoo, or holiday excitement chug its way into your living room.