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About Fisher Price Rainforest

Bring your child hours of joy, happiness, and uninterrupted, imaginative playtime with the Fisher Price rainforest. The Fisher Price rainforest collection is available in an array of items to help keep your favorite little person occupied. The gym grows with your kid and encourages development and movement with the tunnel-like arch. Also, the mirror features a motion-activated musical element which makes baby want to swing so that the music starts to play. The large, attached mat promotes comfort so that your baby is able to lie on their back. To aid in putting a toddler to sleep, turn to the set's swing for the perfect rocking motions to lead your infant into a perfect night of slumber. With a gentle, side-to-side or head-to-toe motion, you are sure to provide a relaxing environment. In addition to a variation of speeds and lullaby selections, the piece also offers entertainment in the form of a gently rotating and eye-catching mobile. If you're ready to give your children a relaxing but educational experience – and yourself a few moment of rest – turn to the reliable sellers on eBay to find the toys that will spark your child's imagination and encourage fine motor skills and independent play.