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About Fisher Price Farms

In the early morning hours Farmer Joe heads out to the barn to feed the animals. With help from your child, he gets all his chores on the Fisher Price Little People Farm done by lunchtime. The iconic playset has been a part of kids' daily activities for decades. Decorated in bright red with white stripes, the barn with its silo is home to hours of imaginative play. The Fisher Price Little People Farm set includes a barn that opens to display stalls for all the animals. Included figures like the sheep, cow, horse, farmer, tractor, and feeding trough make playtime even more fun. For additional excitement, try the Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm. As your child places each animal in the correct spot, he is treated to a cacophony of sounds from the crow of the rooster to the moo of the cow. Watch children's faces light up with delight every time the sounds play. eBay offers a wide selection of new and used Fisher Price Little People Farm playsets and accessories. Take a trip down memory lane with toys that never go out of style.