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About Fish Tanks

A brightly colored fish at the local pet store catches your eye with its dazzling shades of yellow, electric blue, and neon green. If you purchase a fish tank, then you can make the fish your own. Many reliable eBay sellers offer a large selection of new and used aquariums. You need to have a product that is large enough to comfortably hold your pet; if you want more than one fish you should consider how much space they each need. A 10-gallon fish tank has ample room for at least four small to medium-sized fish, and allows you to fill the bottom with gravel and accessories, such as coral and plants. Real or imitation coral provides interest and makes the aquarium a feature in the room. If you want to create a display in a hotel or restaurant, then consider purchasing a large creature, such as a banded shark or clownfish, or even a school of smaller fish. A spacious 125-gallon fish tank is a good choice in this environment.