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About Fish Costumes

It is much easier to find Nemo when he is trotting down the street by your side. A fish costume lets you suit up in glittery gills, shimmery scales, and fanciful fins exploring the depths not of the ocean but of your neighborhood on Halloween. A kids' fish costume puts your little ones into the fins of their favorite cartoon characters when they wear soft cotton costumes with foam flippers and colorful patterns. Options for an adult fish costume are more varied and include an extremely realistic range of latex masks that appear to be photorealistic fish. Whether you want to send your child out for a night of cartoon fun or dress up yourself to resemble something that just crawled out of a science fiction film, there are many different aquatic costumes available. Browse the large selection of fish costumes on eBay, and find something snug and comfy for an infant or wild and crazy for a themed night out.