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About First Day Covers

It is hard to talk down the joys of collecting specially designed envelopes known as first day covers as they all have a wonderful story to tell about a particular topic. All postmarked on the first day of issue, they stand out too, with their stamps and the distinctive works of art that many of their cachets are. For instance, the Apollo first day covers, all hand painted in exquisite details, were specially issued to commemorate the occasion of man's earliest trip to the moon and Neil Armstrong's first unforgettable steps that landed him in the history books. Imagine framing that for Grandpa for an unusual birthday gift. The United Nations first day covers feature General Assembly sets, flags, and conferences spanning the body's existence and goals. Practical collectors look to eBay for a massive collection of used first day covers to pick from with reliable sellers listing cachets that are either printed, thermo-graphed or engraved. If you have kids and want to introduce them to the hobby, look for cheap covers without cachets so they can paint and draw their own and have fun waiting for those masterpieces to arrive in the mail. At the very least, they learn to appreciate the fine artwork that goes on the premium ones.

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