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About Firewire to USB

Searching through your collection of connecting cables to find the one that will allow you to plug your old iPod into the PC, you find that you do not have the right Firewire-to-USB cable to do the job. Unlike your later Apple devices, the old iPod does not have the familiar connector dock so you need to find a Firewire-to-USB converter to access all of the music that you have stored on it. Deciding that the most convenient way to buy a Firewire-to-USB cable is to find one through the immense selection on eBay and have it delivered conveniently to your door. Scrolling through the available Firewire-to-USB options, you see that you can buy a simple converter for only a couple of dollars that combines a female USB plug with a standard Firewire port, making it easy to connect your old iPod to any of your computers so that you can listen to all of those old tunes on all of them.

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