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About Firewire 800

Speed, reliable data transfer, and backwards compatibility are at the heart of one of computing's most popular connectors, the FireWire 800 cable, which is the second generation of FireWire technology, created after FireWire 400. Using this cable gives you data transfer speeds of up to 800Mbits per second, doubling the performance of the original FireWire. This FireWire solution, however, is still compatible with legacy devices built to work with the original FireWire cables. The efficient design of the encasement around a FireWire cable also reduces delays, due to arbitration and signal distortion. If you need to port a legacy machine with a FireWire 800-enabled device, there are also cables that can connect these two different approaches to FireWire. You can find a FireWire 800 cable or a FireWire 800 card to upgrade your laptop to this higher connectivity standard via the reliable sellers on eBay, and get processing power at warp speed.

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