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About Firefighter

Smoke billows out the windows and flames leap from the roof, but as frightened residents run away, you run in. As a firefighter, it is your job to go places regular people would never dare enter. Protect yourself so you can rescue those in need with the right gear. Jackets, hoods, and boots specially designed to stand up to heat and flame are necessary components of any firefighter's uniform. Masks allow you to breathe and see through the smoke. Perhaps one of the most important components, a helmet protects your head from flame and falling debris. In addition, it is also one of the well-known symbols of a proud and noble profession. A leather helmet makes a nice gift for the firefighter in your life. Find one as well as new and used gear from a reliable seller on eBay. Other people may not understand how anyone would want to rush into a burning building, but that is okay; they do not need to. You know that firefighting is not just a career; it is a passion.