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About Firebird Formula

Snap: James heard his Firebird Formula make this noise as he shut the hood of his car. The hinge snapped and it left him trying to keep his hood on his vehicle with other methods. When the hinges snap on your vehicle or your hood is damaged due to an accident or wear over time, it is important to get a new Firebird Formula hood. Your new hood will attach easily to the front of your car and will provide the protection your mechanical parts need. Without this protection, your engine and transmission can rust and your vehicle is exposed to the outside elements. In addition to a new hood, you can purchase Pontiac Firebird Formula hinges to help hold the hood on the vehicle. The hinges allow you to open and close the hood with ease and can be greased for smooth operation. If you are shopping for new equipment for your Firebird Formula, browse through the selection sold by the reliable sellers on eBay.

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