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About Fire King Peach Luster

It’s been sitting in your china cabinet since you got married—your grandmother’s collection of Anchor Hocking Fire King Peach Luster dinnerware and cookware from the 1940s. If only you had a few more pieces, you could think about using it for Thanksgiving Dinner. You would especially like to fill in the set of nesting bowls. Wouldn’t that make for a spectacular Thanksgiving table? It turns out the news is good. Fire King Peach Luster was among the most popular colors of chinaware during that era, and you can find a wide selection of replacement pieces on eBay. Being everyday dishes back in the day, Fire King dishes were originally sold in bags of flour and at gas stations for promotional purposes, so there are lots of them out there. In addition to the aforementioned nesting bowls, which are still the most sought-after Fire King sets, pieces include dinner plates, casseroles, mugs, cups, soup bowls, dessert bowls, creamers, vases, and serving platters. If you do plan to use them for your Thanksgiving table, bear in mind that they are not dishwasher safe, as that will dull the finish. Let the thought of completing your Fire King set fire your imagination, and set a Thanksgiving table to remember.

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