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About Fire King Jadite

When your childhood friends come to visit with their kids, you love having the opportunity to show off your Fire King jadeite dinnerware. However, you watch in horror as the kids break one of your precious bowls. Now you want to rebuild your Fire King jadeite collection. With its jade green opaque milk glass material, this set of highly collectible items is made by Anchor Hocking. Although current jadeite wares have different designs from vintage jadeite collectibles, they still retain the signature color, texture, and prestige of the style. With the wide selection of Anchor Hocking products offered by reliable sellers on eBay, you can find new and vintage jadeite dishes to replace all the broken or damaged items in your collection. While picking up this elegant tableware, remember to get a replacement Fire King jadeite mug for your spouse, who refuses to drink early morning coffee from any other mug.

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