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About Fire King Bowls

When you fall in love with Fire King, you fall hard and you fall deep; fans of the popular Anchor-Hocking line appreciate Fire King for its durability, simple beauty, and nostalgic attachments. Find Fire King bowls in a wide array of colors like pale yellow, jadeite green, and delphite blue, and a myriad of patterns such as "Green Meadow," "Candleglow," or the wildly popular "Tulip" pattern. For a real trip down memory lane, fry up the grilled cheese sandwiches and pour the tomato soup into a set of Fire King soup bowls. Choose a handled set in peach luster or bright orange, or a set of footed bowls in perfect retro avocado green. Whip up a chocolate cake in a Fire King mixing bowl. How about a dazzling jadeite Vaseline uranium glass mixing bowl, a white milk glass mixing bowl with a pour spout, or a rare set of multicolored nesting bowls with swirl-patterned glass. Explore the huge selection of Fire King bowls offered by the reliable sellers on eBay and get what you love.

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