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About Fire King

Inventor and chef Homaro Cantu said, "Most of us have fond memories of food from our has a way of transporting us back to the past." Most nostalgia buffs would agree that Fire King glassware greatly enhances this phenomenon. From 1942 to 1976, Anchor Hocking produced Fire King, a line of durable, affordable kitchenware and dinnerware. Initially made for everyday use, today Fire King is wildly popular and highly desirable, particularly among collectors of retro memorabilia. Bring the color and joy of Fire King home with a set of Fire King bowls. A set of bright red chili bowls, a pair of jadeite soup bowls with matching mugs, or a set of azure cereal bowls, finished on the inside in a paler blue all complement your home with their colorful hues. Settle down on your back porch in the morning, smell the fresh air, and enjoy your coffee in a Fire King mug. Choose a set of Fire King "Kimberly" mugs in yellow and brown, a pair of vintage coffee cups adorned with the "Bonnie Blue" floral pattern, or a white milk glass mug featuring Snoopy, circa 1958. Depend on the trusted sellers on eBay for Fire King to fill your kitchen cabinets with memories.

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