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About Fins

Transforming your feet with the power of fins gives you power, control, and speed in the water. They are not limited to the colorful, basic flippers you slipped on during your childhood days by the kiddie pool. In fact, there are some designed specifically for almost any water discipline. Swim fins in general are shorter and wider than other fins, fit over the entire foot like a slipper, and provide swimmers with added propulsion during lap training and workouts. Diving or scuba fins have a more attenuated design and a rear strap, helping divers and scuba enthusiasts cover a lot of area during deep dives and explorations. Bodyboard fins are broad and give a board rider a way to turn and maneuver quickly, serving as a keel of sorts. Any and all of these options are available from eBay, so take a look through these products to find the right footwear for your favorite water sport, and splish-splash your way through the water as dynamically as a fish itself.

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