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About Film Capacitors

If you enjoy building and repairing electronics, whether as a hobby or trade, you may know the value of a film capacitor. In layman's terms, a capacitor is an electrical component that holds a charge, but unlike a battery, the charge dissipates quickly. Just take a look at any circuit board, and you quickly find an example of one. A film capacitor, more specifically, has an insulator composed of a particular material. This means you can have a paper, plastic, or even a polyester film capacitor. Each material is chosen based on heat resistance and whether or not it is still an accepted standard. Reliable sellers on eBay have products for all of your electronic needs, and more. You can also purchase a film capacitor kit for a wide array of capacitor sizes if a single component is not enough. As always, you can expect to be served by sellers with convenient shipping options.

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