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About Film Cameras

Why use a film camera instead of a digital camera? As with other analog processes, film photography is capable of achieving higher resolution and sharper images than is possible with current digital technology, provided the best equipment is used. It's much like the potential sound quality of vinyl records compared to digital recording, and so many photographers swear by film, despite the relative inconvenience and need for developing. Of the different film cameras on the market, 35mm film cameras are probably the most popular, and Nikon the most highly regarded camera maker, although others give the company plenty of competition. Further, 35mm cameras are available in both fixed-viewfinder and single lens reflex versions, along with film cameras using other film sizes and formats. Nikon film cameras as well as those by Pentax, Canon, and other quality camera makers, are available on eBay, along with camera film and accessories. You can find film cameras for still shots or movies, in models dating back to 1918 and forward to the latest models.