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About Filigree

Adding subtle elements of style to your wardrobe or accessories is an easy way to show the world that you have elegant, refined tastes without feeling the need to shout that fact from the rooftops. One great example of this type of style is filigree, a form of intricate metal work that often appears in jewelry. With a history dating back to Ancient Mesopotamia, filigree rings, bracelets, and earrings, whether new or vintage, showcase a refined, yet delicate, sensibility. Traditional gold and silver filigree usually contained small beads or threads soldered to metal. However, today, jewelry artisans showcase its distinctive, flowing pattern through a variety of methods including cutouts and etchings. Browsing on eBay to research different types of filigree and the ways in which it appears in jewelry is an easy way to understand all of these styles as well as shop around for unique pieces. Showcasing a delicate touch and a refined sense of style through elements, like filigree, in jewelry is an excellent way to make a statement that is as simple and strong as it is elegant.

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