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About Fiberglass Resin

You have been starting at the crack in the shower for days but you need to fix it before water gets behind the wall and causes permanent damage. Fortunately this is a DIY project that can be accomplished with some fiberglass resin. The sellers on eBay offer a large variety of resins so finding what you need is easy. Bondo fiberglass epoxy resin is a good all-purpose product that can be used for the tub, pool, boats, and much more. It is completely waterproof and provides a long lasting solution. For bigger jobs such as a large boat or motor home, listings include fiberglass resin in gallon jugs. Marine fiberglass resin starts out as a liquid and turns into a solid when combined with a hardener. It adheres to both wood and metal making it one of the more popular choices for repairs. For a quick repair job the Bondo fiberglass repair kit comes with everything you need including resin, a fiberglass cloth, spreader, and a hardener. So quit staring at the wall and get to work.